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Crystal Horizons Youth Centre is encouraging applicants from skilled and motivated young people to serve as Interns/Volunteers at Partners For Conservation in Rwanda. The purpose of this programme is to provide an opportunity for individuals to substantively contribute to and learn from the organisation work. The intern or volunteer will be given specific tasks and responsibilities and will be challenged to develop their capabilities and gain experience. The selected candidates are expected to be flexible and to take part in various activities at Partners For Conservation ‘s office and most of times in the field.

 About Partners For Conservation:

 Partners For Conservation is a Rwandan local Non-Profit Organization, founded in 2014. Partners For Conservation is involved in three main programmes including: (1) Education and research, information collection and sharing, (2) Capacity building and projects management, (3) Socio-cultural and economic development. In less than a year, Partners For Conservation has developed a strong, frank and responsible partnership between decision makers and beneficiaries as the only way to ensure a successful intervention. This was due to personal experience of the founder who has spent 13 years in community conservation of mountain gorillas. Currently, Partners For Conservation is involved in education of Vulnerable and Marginalised People by conducting a pilot project with aims of assessing reasons why children from these families (1) do not attend schools, (2) why those who attend leave before completing schools, (3) why those who managed to study don’t perform.  


Partners For Conservation believes in innate quality of every human being in promotion, protection and conservation of the biodiversity therefore everyone is a partner. This logic creates a harmonious feeling at both sides (donor and beneficiary) and a feeling of ownership as well. To do so, Partners For Conservation puts the beneficiary (referred to as a partner as well just to acknowledge his/her contribution) in the centre of our intervention. Once the ‘’partner’’ is given the opportunity to express the community needs, based to the existing priorities it becomes much easier to develop a proposal that meet the community needs/goal. Education in general is a backbone of our intervention, as we believe that educated population is an answer to a multipurpose situation. 

1.         Internship:

-           About the programme: internship provides tangible work experience required by most employers. The internship provides opportunities to students to gain valuable work experience and eases the transition between school and workforce.

Interns are placed in programmes related to their areas of study for a period not exceeding 6 months.

-           Objectives: the overall objectives are skills development and practical experience including:

a)         Capacity building: theory to practice, learning through performance and strengthen competences

b)         Gain valuable experience and increase marketability after internship

c)         Build expertise: learn more about the subject matter studied and develop an expertise at a higher level possible than a classroom

d)         Develop professionalism, communication, interpersonal and organizational skills

e)         Contribute to data collection and information sharing on the area of placement.

-           Key areas:

o   Community development and Poverty alleviation

o   Environmental education

o   Protection and conservation

o   Tourism development

o   Socio-economic integration

o   CBOs development

o   Agro-forestation

o   English training

o   Health and water and sanitation

o   Research and surveys

o   Grant writing and fundraising

o   Administration

o   Marketing

o   Advocacy and lobbying

-           Beneficiaries and selection: the programme is open to all students and independent researchers both Rwandans and international:

-           Requirements:

o   Recommendation letter from the institution (students) and commitment letter ( independent researchers)

o   Sponsorship letter and/or source of funding

o   Internship/research project proposal

o   What do we offer:

o   Assistance in securing internship/research permit

o   Assistance in visa processing

o   In-country training and orientation.

o   In-country staff supervision.

o   Assistance in finding accommodation and transport ( prior to negotiations)

2.         Volunteering:

-           About the programme:  volunteering programme contributes to capacity needs of local communities.  The placement programme experience starts with introduction to  language and cultural immersion program, giving volunteers an in-depth understanding of language basics, local culture, regional and local issues, and ways of life before the start of the volunteer programme.

Partners For Conservation is building its capacity in order to avail necessary facilities and experienced staffs.

 Our volunteering programme gives importance and priority to the community services that volunteers enlist in, we intend to include tourism, cultural immersion and adventure in the programme, that will make volunteering with us an exciting and lifetime experience!  

-           Objectives: as a volunteer in Rwanda you can provide love, affection, education and support to disadvantaged population including children, women and marginalised people. You will help to improve socio-economic integration of marginalised people, community development and poverty alleviation of poor people, protection and conservation of the fauna and flora of Rwanda, you will also be involved in education and inter-cultural exchange and understanding in African communities.

-           Key areas:

a)         Community development and Poverty alleviation

b)         Environmental education

c)         Protection and conservation

d)         Tourism development

e)         Socio-economic integration

f)          CBOs development

g)         Agro-forestation

h)         English training

i)          Health and water and sanitation

j)          Research and surveys

k)         Grant writing and fundraising

l)          Administration

m)        Marketing

n)         Advocacy and lobbying

-           Programme duration and charges:

a)         1 week ; b)      2 weeks: c)      3 weeks; d)      4 weeks:

Charges will be communicated and agreed on upon acceptance 

N.B: Extension of the stay is possible.

-           What do we include in our package:

a)         Processing the visa

b)         Processing the working permit

c)         Accommodation: Home stay or onsite at the community project

d)         Meals: Breakfast, dinner and super

e)         Project Donation

f)          Airport pickup on arrival and on departure.

g)         In-country training and orientation.

h)         In-country staff supervision.

i)          24/7 in-country support from partner, and 24hr emergency line

j)          Personalized Local Guide and Volunteer Care and Other Services

k)         Emergency support

l)          Certificate of Appreciation/Completion at the end of the Programme.



Please register before end of August, 2015 so that you can obtain your placement beginning September to be able to participate to the big event of Kwita Izina ceremony ( ).

About Rwanda: Rwanda is a landlocked East African country whose green and mountainous landscape has earned it the nickname of  “Land of a Thousand Hills.” Its renowned Volcanoes National Park is home to mountain gorillas.   For more about Rwanda and its attractive beauty please log on:

For application or more information kindly email: Ref Internship Notrebio/Crystal 15


Deadline for applications


Please note that the deadline for applications for interns starting in September 2015  is  30th August 2015

Chrystal Horizons Youth Centre (NPO No: 126-047)

Crystal Horizon Youth Centre (CHYC) is youth-led, independent non-profit organization located in South Africa. It was established by a group of young people in 2012 to instil creativity in African youth and engage them in the improvement of their own community.

The main purpose of the organisation is to inculcate in the youth an understanding of their important role in the development of their communities and to assist them in participating constructively in community development, nation-building and to develop a spirit of entrepreneurship among youth.

CHYC services focus on Youth Education and Culture, Youth mentoring, Volunteering, socio- entrepreneurship and youth health.



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