Friday, 29 November 2013




Some of  Us, we blame poverty

But this is not civility.

Yes, some didn’t have fathers

They were raised by only mothers

Others were raised with too much anger

But this shouldn’t be the cause

For not being a Good Father.


Gone are those days where physical muscles

Use to define manhood

Like it’s done in Hollywood.

Gone are those days were men must be autocrats

Gone are those days where a real man is that who drink too much

Gone are those days where men go to kitchen only on Braai day

Just drinking and eating too much meats

While their women and kids have only tea.


Let me give you a secret

It has worked for me

For sure it can work for you

“Time is now to treat her as a Queen,

If you also wish to be treated as a King”

Come home early

Take care of her merrily

Play with your kids frequently

They will grow joyfully

And you’ll be Alright, amusingly.


You can make supper

There is no matter

You can wash dishes

Why not change nappy?

I promise you will feel happy

And You won’t feel sorry.


Let’s keep our Women from harm

By covering them with warm

Take time to hear her  as her Man

You will be her Superman!

Hold them with your arm tight,

They will also take care of you in the night.


Real Men don’t just sit and watch movies

While their women are all busy;

Real men don’t sit and drink wine after beers

They protect their woman as human protect against bees;

They do care by accompanying their wives to prenatal appointments

They do care by being there when their wives are giving birth.

Yes, let’s do care by being their strengths

No matter what comes our way.


Take time to talk to her

Not time to give her orders

Seek advice from her

She’s the best advice-giver you have

And the reason for you to behave;

Make home budget together

I assure you, you will succeed forever.

You will build your home and family,

Not with the voice and noise you raise on her

But the affection of your good acts to her.


Ooh Men of Africa!

Beautiful our Africa

Real men don’t fight

They don’t rape or sleep around

Making babies who will never know their fathers.

Come together and protect woman

Can we? YES WE  CAN


By Joseph Eliabson MANIRAGENA

Founder, Crystal Horizons Youth Centre  Phone: 021 713 2801  Cell: 0836872282

Programmes Assistant at African Monitor


  1. Joseph: the (super)man, always doing the work! Big up!

  2. Thank you so much for your inspiration. Such a great man.

    oliver mahoro

  3. Thank you ALL for your comments and motivation, let's all strive to be great Men